Understanding Digital Signage Network

Understanding Digital Signage Network

Digital signage is a specialized form of silver casting. Multimedia content is displayed in numerous places for advertising purposes. Digital Sign Network is a full-motion audio/video out-of-home advertising network. The network has its presence in more than 2000 locations on an African basis with its partnership. It has forefront brands in 25 towns and cities across Africa. DSN has captured a significant market share covering areas like malls, cafes, restaurants, food courts and large & small format retail outlets.

Digital signage can deliver highly targeted content

This brings information, advertising and other areas closer to a wide audience range. It captivates, entertains, and informs them at points of purchase and gathering throughout their day. Just like their print counterparts, digital signs can be used to advertise products and services. Educating the audience crosses the line between providing information and delivering advertisements. Digital signage surrounds us throughout our known whereabouts, providing essential information to help us stay safe and find our way. Entertainment may be the main purpose of digital signage in some environments, but in most cases, it will be a secondary concern.

Some of the areas where the networks are implemented are governments’ institutions, hospitality & entertainment, healthcare, transport, employee communications, retail, restaurants, education, and banks. In the public sector, DSN is implemented through Public service announcements, Community event bulletin boards and Emergency notifications such as Amber Alerts. As for hospitality and entertainment, the networks are incorporated through lobby signage & wayfinding, meeting announcements as well as television channels. The healthcare implements DSN through service announcements and public health advisories. When it comes to the transport industry, DSN is integrated through Departure/arrival information, destination-based advertising and also in-vehicle advertising. Employee communications, on the other hand, implement the networks through events bulletin boards, Public safety information, sales goals success tracking and corporate training as well.

Retail outlets use the systems to complement POP displays, advertise products sold in-store, improving the in-store environment by the use of branded content or entertainment and also backroom sales training of the staff. Restaurants and bars quickly change menu items with digital menu boards. They also use promotion boards to drive up-sell and add-on item sales as well as displaying live TV, trivia and gaming content. In the education sector, the networks are implemented mainly to show current events, photos, local news, and weather. Also, staff and students are informed about upcoming events, assemblies and awards ceremonies. The use of DSNs also incorporates deliverance of emergency alerts and public safety information. Banks and credit unions implement the networks by informing customers about loans, investment accounts, and other banking products. News updates are shown through the networks to reduce perceived waiting times. Current Forex information is displayed as well.

There are plenty of advantages for using digital signs that are reproduced using digital signage network software. Digital signage can be changed at will by the use of remote control while paper signs require physical travel and individual placement to approve sites by personnel. Also, because Digital Sign Network requires no paint, they are environmentally good than the traditional signs. The signs can be animated, and they will deliver sound as well as visual content. The digital signage network software contains a digital signage content management system is the centerpiece and arguably the most important part of the scheme.

Dynamic digital signage has limitless uses. Organizations make huge profits on a daily basis by implementing the network technology. Emergencies that occur in an individual area are easily broadcasted to the general public through the help of the digital signage enforcement. Therefore, digital signage is seen as a high-impact medium for reaching masses and influencing their behavior.


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