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Get a quick introduction to Digital Signage. Learn about how to use Digitalsignagepress efficiently in different environments.

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Digital Signage Trends

Sky Kit lists the latest trends in digital signage for your business.

Your digital display can interact with your clientele via touchscreens and interactive projectors. Some even use facial recognition technology to help signs extrapolate the gender and age of the viewer.

Social Media
Odds are that your customers and your competitors are on social media. Engender loyalty through customer interaction. Allow your guests to post to social media and display their posts on the digital display.

Mobile Integration
Sending customers and potential customers QR scan codes they can use via smartphones and tablets has really taken off. The best known applications use a QR code to scan digital coupons.

LED screens
LEDs are energy-efficient and last a long time. They also offer rich colors and high contrast levels. Previously, gigantic LED screens were encountered only at the ball park. The price of LEDs is expected to lower dramatically and the shape and size of new models is astounding.

Virtual Reality is becoming mainstream and glasses-free 3-D is available on game stations. 3-D televisions are coming soon.
Far from being pie-in-the-sky science fiction, these technologies are accessible to more businesses than ever before.

Deadly Sins of Digital Signage Content

Let’s start with what to avoid, which is discussed at Digital Signage Today.

• Static content will kill all your hard work. So, keep things moving. Movement catches attention and prevents your customers from getting bored.
• Poor layout is unacceptable. Spend the money for a good graphic designer to ensure every frame of animation is balanced.
• Not utilizing bevels on the borders of your video walls can undermine an otherwise thoughtful presentation.
• If there is no interaction with customers, then you are not utilizing the powerful interactive capabilities of this technology. You can integrate touchscreens or display product and service comparisons. This is a great way to sell your services.
• Do you provide localized content for businesses with multiple locations? If not, you are missing out on a great tool to connect with your patrons. Use news, events and other local happenings to customize each display. You don’t even have to leave home.
• No call to action is the death knell of what could have been a screaming success for your digital display. Tell the user something about your product that makes them go to your store or website to buy your product.

Exploring the Possibilities

Watch a Media Signage Tutorial to understand how multi-media campaigns can combine news content, images, text and other media to communicate subtle commercial Digital Signage Content while delivering helpful information to patrons.

Digital Signage Video can be customized without seeming like random ad content. It is easy to learn how to produce effective Digital Signage Video. For example, there are many Media Signage Tutorials available on YouTube that will help you get started.

Besides exploring YouTube and other sites for Media Signage Tutorials, you should visit multiple vendor sites to explore the possibilities of this dynamic media. For example, Digitalsignagepress has excellent video tutorials that provide a quick introduction to Digital Signage and how-to videos on using their innovative application efficiently in different environments.

Use Digital Signage Video software to manage your screens remotely and seamlessly coordinate Digital Signage Content to enhance your customers’ point of sale experience.

Figure out what will work for your business and find the help you need to make your digital display become a powerful advertising tools that your customers will love.