Digital Signage Plugin Updates

Over the past few months we have been steadily refining and updating our Digitalsignage Plugin based on client feedback. Issues are our priority for making bug fixes and adding new features.

  • DigitalSignagePress v1.8.0 Enterprise

    Nov 2020

    • updated weather widget
    • fixed image styles and resizing
    • display fileupload limit
    • video mute option
    • fixed positioning issue when page was generated in firefox but not displayed in a firefox browser
    • default urls set to https if the installation runs with SSL
    • added check for min php version
    • Fixed a bug in weather widget
    • Fixed a bug in RSS widget
    • display fileupload limit
  • DigitalSignagePress v1.8.0 Pro

    Nov 2020

  • DigitalSignagePress v1.6.3 Enterprise

    September 2018

    • changed facebook widget language to be based on wordpress language
    • can now quickly confirm selection of a slide to be copied and images to be chosen by double click
    • added setting for device refresh interval, default 30 seconds
    • added option for pictures to define how they scale within their containers
    • added info below editor regarding selected image’s scaling dimensions
    • updated weather widget
    • added setting to turn the “unsaved changes” warning off completely
    • added workaround for cookie lifetime on 32 bit systems
    • added setting to change layer ordering for container from automatic by selection to manual (either button in editor or +/- buttons)
  • Android App for Digital Signage (Beta)

    Juny 2017

    • First version of Android App (Beta) are released
  • DigitalSignagePress v1.5.2 Enterprise

    May 2017

    • Fixed a bug in weather widget
    • Fixed a bug in RSS widget
  • DigitalSignagePress v1.5 Enterprise

    May 2017

    • Slider Revolution shortcodes support
    • Plugin cleanup and compression
    • Vimeo Support
    • Copy & move function for slides to another playlists
    • Settings for logo upload & dashboard colors
    • Custom fonts support
    • Transistions effects for slides
    • RSS bug fix
    • Weather widget fix for day & night symbols
    • Video fix, all videos start at 0 sec when the slide is back again
    • Customizing the user interface
    • Youtube Playlist function
    • Hindi language files
    • Portuguese language files
    • Norwegian language files
  • DigitalSignagePress v1.4.7 Enterprise

    March 2017

    • playlist in playlist possibility
    • added Tools button in editor
    • added digital clock widget
    • added weather widget
    • added facebook widget
    • added instagram widget
    • added twitter widget
    • added RSS widget
    • added weekday feature for calendar, to define recurring events on certain weekdays
    • improved font sizes appearance on final devices to be more accurate compared to editor
  • DigitalSignagePress v1.3 Enterprise

    Februar 2017

    • WP 4.7 compatibility for all versions
    • SlideShare iFrame Support
    • code optimization
    • added playlist in playlist function (Digitalsignagepress Pro only)
    • added russian, turkish and Portuguese-BR (thanks @Guilherme Albernaz) translation files
  • DigitalSignagePress v1.2

    21. November 2016

    • Google Docs & Sheets support
    • improved compatibility with old php versions
    • changed initial building of generated pages to better support plugins included via shortcodes
    • made regular fonts available without external source for offline environments and as workaround against plugins that prohibit get requests for external files
    • fixed a scheduling bug that made some slide always active
  • DigitalSignagePress v1.1.17

    31. October 2016

  • DigitalSignagePress v1.1.14

    10. October 2016

  • DigitalSignagePress v1.1.11 Lite (Freeware)

    8. October 2016

    • Digitalsignagepress has just released new version of their free digital signage plugin, download it here!
  • DigitalSignagePress v1.1.10

    15. September 2016

    • added workaround for wordpress multisite issues with network wide activations for plugins
    • fixed control scheme for border based element movement
    • fixed 24/7 scheduling on videowalls
    • fixed scheduling toggle
    • enforced border for html container and twitter/facebook elements
    • fixed preview for new slides before save
  • DigitalSignagePress v1.1.9

    12. August 2016

    • added german translation (Download)
    • improved wordpress-multisite compatibility
    • can now reorder slides inside playlist via drag and drop
    • can now choose to copy existing slide into playlist when adding a new slide
    • added higher and more font sizes
    • added separate delete background button
    • enabled free positioning of image elements within a container
    • more detailed description in case a URL is used multiple times
    • dynamic container dimension for inserted images in custom editor based on the image ratio
    • added overview of offline devices in dashboard
    • added twitter and facebook widget generator for html elements
    • bug fix for preview
  • DigitalSignagePress v1.1.7

    7. July 2016

    • optimization for LG webOS DigitalSignage screens and youtube links
    • optimization for Samsung Digital Signage screens in combination with video playback
  • DigitalSignagePress v1.1.0

    17. May 2016

    • First version of the Digital Signage WordPress Plugin