Compatible Digital Signage Displays

Compatible to any device with HTML5 Browser (Screens, Displays, TV’s, Set-Top-Boxes, Raspberry PI, HDMI Sticks, Chromecast Sticks, Tablets, indoor/outdoor screens, digital interactive whiteboard, LCD screen wall, etc.).

The new digital signage display systems are special designed LCD or LED advertising displays perfect for almost each digital signage solution on POI and POS. Get the look and performance you want out of your digital signage content with a compatible display that integrates the Digital Signage Plugin for WordPress. The application works seamlessly with these Samsung and LG commercial displays, which are also among the best displays on the market. With a variety of sizes and types to choose from, you can get the ideal digital signage display to fulfill the needs and goals of your signage system. From entertainment to point-of-interest wayfinding, these digital signage displays provide a sharp and beautiful with powerful media technology.

Displays listed below are 100% Digitalignagepress compatible. If you have a different display, please ask the manufacturer if this smart tv supports and has a web based browser. This list shows only the devices with which we have tested our plugin! The list is not complete, your output device must support the Smart TV function and have a web browser to work with our plugin.

For example: Samsung Signage Displays

Samsung LED Displays

Available in a variety of options for small businesses and enterprises alike, the Samsung LED is a leading choice for commercial displays. These are fully compatible with our WordPress plugin and contain a user-friendly interface and media player. Creating and managing your digital signage has never been easier.
These highly advanced Samsung LED displays have industry-specific features to meet special requirements in such industries as education and healthcare. Samsung makes commercial displays in a wide variety of sizes, making them appealing for any location from small offices to large retail or even outdoor locations.
Samsung’s advertising displays with a rich lineup of available features, including non-glare screens, dust resistance, edge-lit lighting for visibility in bright areas, and touch displays. Whether you need a simple, entry-level display or a more advanced array of technology for complex needs, Samsung’s digital signage lineup has an option for you.

LG SuperSign Displays

Made especially for small and medium businesses, the LG SuperSign TV lineup offers a cost-effective way to get fantastic technology for digital signage. These displays connect very simply with the WordPress plugin, so setup is easy and LG support is always there.
LG displays use the fast and powerful WebOS software from LG. Built-in compatibility with media and signage player software makes these LG displays an excellent option for digital signage. The SuperSign is available in a range of sizes, each with an impressive slim design.

Connecting with the Digital Signage Plugin for WordPress

The dynamic and versatile WordPress platform can easily be turned into a powerful CMS for digital signage. WordPress lets the process be as simple or complex as you want it to be, so you can use it to simply cycle through photographs or you can create an interactive map or menu.
Once your digital signage displays are installed, the first step is to set up your wireless connection. In the display’s media software, you will connect to your WordPress plugin to display and control your content on the display. The software makes it easy to coordinate an unlimited number of connected displays simultaneously or individually.

Why Use WordPress with Digital Signage Displays?

WordPress significantly improves your ability and efficiency in managing your digital content. The Samsung displays and the LG SuperSign TVs include everything that you need to display your custom content, but the WordPress plugin is the tool you need to truly take control.
Digital signage performs better when it looks its best, entertains the audience, and provides constantly up to date information with real-time updating. The interface of the WordPress plugin makes it simple to deliver better content to your audience at all times.