Frequently Asked Questions about Digitalsignagepress


This section contains a wealth of information, related to Digitalsignagepress. If you cannot find an answer to your question, make sure to contact us.

General Digitalsignagepress questions

Casinos, Gas Stations, Supermarkets, Restaurants, you can use it everywhere.

You need a WordPress installation and your devices.

One license is for one WordPress installation where you can manage up to unlimited devices. If you have more devices, please contact us.

At this stage, Digitalsignagepress is available in German, Spanish, English and Dutch.

One license is for one domain, so as long as your entire site runs on the same domain you can use this license for all sites. For the sake of the device limitation all sites are counted together. If you use subdomains you will need one license per site.

Go in your old installation to the menu item Digitalsignagepress -> License and deactivate your license key. Afterwards you can use your license key in the new installation.

Yes, you can request a demo or download and install our Digital Signage Freeware Plugin (Lite Version) on your own Server.

WordPress Version 4.4.x and PHP 5.5.x or higher for the server are required and a javascript enabled browser for devices.

You can handle 2 devices from your created videowall in 2 different browser windows from 1 system. Why two different browsers ?! Because our plugin uses agents and cookies to identify a device, they differ in two different browsers.

Your license is valid for one year from purchase. You need an active license key for continued access to automatic updates and support. From the second year on the price is 49 €.

Follow this guide Create a Network and compare your .htaccess file to

Our plugin does parse shortcodes but only on the live pages, not in the preview.
Whether the shortcode then fully works is up to the plugin that generated these codes. We can’t give a guarantee that every shortcode plugin will work with ours.

Select the slideshow and choose in a dropdown menu slideshow again.

Currently only english,spanish, german and dutch are supported.
If you want us to support your language, please download this file, translate it and send it to us.

You will get one link for each WordPress page that has our shortcode in it. During activation of our plugin one signage page is generated with the shortcode so you can start right away.
If the link contains “_trashed” it means that you deleted the signage page, you need to either undelete it or create a new one.

Edit POST_MAX_SIZE and UPLOAD_MAX_FILESIZE in your php.ini and for Multisite installation additionally go to Network Admin -> Network Settings and change Max upload file size.

Following MIME-Types are supported: JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, GI, MP4, MPEG, MPG, OGG, WEBM. For more informations look at MDN

Yes of course. Thereafter, when there is a need, we adapt the logo to individually.

Youtube & Multimedia

Youtube specifies the video sizes in pixels, we use percentage scaling. Enter the size of the video as a percentage, for example widht=”100%” height=”100%” and the video will be scaled to your screen size.

Weather Widget

The service where we refer to the weather data does not recognize some post codes. Try to leave the ZIP field blank.

RSS Widget

Each RSS feed provider determines how many characters are displayed in an RSS feed. If the number of letters in a post is exceeded, the posts are truncated to the specified number of letters. Our plugin only outputs what is specified.

Customer questions

Yes it’s possible, videowall function is in all versions included. You can create your own content playlist in the “New Playlist”-tab and choose this playlist for your videowall in the “Videowall”-tab.

Yes you can manage multiple users in the enterprise version.

You have the option to enter the correct width and height information of your displays when you create a videowall in the “Videowall”-tab. Please gather the resolution height and width from the manufacturer information.

You can pay our Plugin by invoice too. Means we send you an invoice. You pay the invoice to our bank account and then we send you the license code.

Our plugin creates a URL with the slides, you just need to include this URL in the auto-start or startpage of a web browser. On some displays it works directly, thanks to the smart tv function.

Yes that works and the plugin provides this. You can put in html pages and html code.

Yes of course, you can download Digitalsignagepress Pro documentation from here.

Important information!

  • Please deactivate all page caching systems on pages with the shortcode from our plugin
  • It is generally not advised to activate plugins network wide on a multisite installation, because plugin activation routines are not executed for new subsites by WordPress making certain plugins unusable.

Common Digitalsignagepress error messages