How Digital Signage Boosts Your Reputation

How Digital Signage Boosts Your Reputation

Did you know that digital signage can help boost your firm’s reputation? This modern form of marketing contributes powerfully to the image projected by business advertisers. The cachet of furnishing technologically-savvy, well-designed ads in this format impresses many observers. At least three factors contribute to this situation:

Digital Advertising Entertains

Unlike a printed ad, a digital ad possesses the potential to easily entertain and engage a viewer. The ad allows the advertiser to use the same digital capabilities as a website to actively engage the audience. Reputation marketing becomes highly targeted in this format.

For instance, an advertiser can choose to display a specific digital ad only to consumers present in a busy location at peak hours of the day. For example, a cinema chain might choose to entertain people standing in line to purchase tickets with trailers from upcoming attractions. A hospital could post digital signage in a waiting room area and display pertinent health care information about healthy diet and exercise practices and other wellness practices. By reaching viewers interested in specific topics, businesses utilizing this modern form of advertising enjoy a powerful tool for reputation management.

Digital Advertising Provides Interactive Information

Also unlike printed advertising, this form of digital promotion encourages customers to interact with the ad. A display in a mall might enable passing prospective customers to use a mobile device to request specific, detailed information from any of a series of stores lining a corridor, for example.

Companies interested in reputation marketing appreciate that the interactive nature of this form of advertising draws interested, genuinely receptive customer attention. Unlike a broad general advertising campaign in print that reaches many consumers who possess absolutely no interest at all in a particular product or service, the digital ad will provide an important way for consumers to express their specific concerns and needs to the advertiser. Consumers can use the digital ad to obtain highly detailed information about items that really interest them! Advertisers don’t waste advertising dollars and customers obtain the opportunity to provide meaningful feedback.

Digital Advertising Permits Rapid Advertiser Responses

Due to its powerful, “real time” format, a digital ad displayed through signage lends itself to immediate, rapid advertiser responses to current events. This form of ad contributes to company reputation management because it prevents potentially embarrassing mishaps from occurring. In the past, businesses sometimes suffered public relations setbacks because unchangeable print ads displayed dated material long after circumstances changed.

For example, many people still recall the famous headline in which a leading U.S. newspaper incorrectly announced that President Truman’s opponent, Thomas Dewey, had won the U.S. Presidential election in 1948. Had digital media existed in the 1940s, a gaffe of that nature would likely never have occurred. By using digital advertising effectively today, your business will always remain able to respond fluidly and rapidly to changing current events. You won’t face the inconvenience of promoting an event cancelled at the last minute or the embarrassment of expressing a sentiment out of touch with current news headlines.

The strong effect of digital signage

The combination of these three elements (entertainment value, consumer interactivity and advertiser responsiveness) combine effectively to enable modern digital signage to reach today’s consumers in a very intimate, personal way. By treating prospective customers as individuals, an advertiser gains respect and enhances the firm’s reputation and goodwill.

This form of high tech advertising invites customer engagement. Use it to promote effective company reputation marketing! Don’t miss your company’s opportunity to harness this powerful form of reputation-enhancing advertising!


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