3 Steps to successful Digital Signage in Retail Banks

3 Steps to successful Digital Signage in Retail Banks

90% of customer relationships are won or lost in branch offices. How are you getting the visitors attention and loyality? Build engagement with digital displays, which capture over 400% more views than static displays.

Manage content simply and efficiently with Digital Signage

Choose display technology that can integrate with any content management system. You’ll gain flexibility and have consistent content deployment across branches. Look for a CMS that offers automation features, which will decrease the time investment required from employees managing content deployment. For example: WordPress with Digital Signage WordPress Plugin.

Use Your Content to achieve Key Marketing Objectives

Target millennials

  • Millennials are at the beginning of a lifetime of big-ticket purchases. Capture their loyalty from the start.
  • 70% of 18-24-year-olds are aware of Digital Signage they’ve seen in the last 12 months; 27% of them took action based on the advertising there.

Convey modernity

  • Sophisticated display technology lets customers know your bank is on the leading edge.

Launch a local campaign

  • Quickly customize messaging to your branch’s market. This lets customers know you’re part of their community – even if you operate nationally.
  • Almost 70% of banks target their messaging by branch.

Improve the customer experience

  • Reduce perceived wait times, deliver more targeted messaging, and initiate relationships.
  • More than 60% of banks use their Digital Signage to convey messaging that is 75% bank-related and 25% unrelated to banking.

Measuring ROO & ROI with Digital Signage

Digital Signage ROI

Digital Signage makes it easy to measure the success of your messaging and prove the value of your investments.

95% of retail banks with Digital Signage are satisfied with their deployment of the technology, and payback periods can be as low as 18 months.

How does Digital Signage help you generate ROI?

  • If your bank values corporate social responsibility, conserve materials and energy by looking for a high-efficiency digital displays.
  • 21% of banks create their content in-house; outsourcing is often the most cost-effective solution.

Cut production costs

  • Skip the expense of developing, printing and distributing sales and marketing materials.

Repurpose content from other media

  • Adapt commercials, advertisements and even social sharing to use your content more efficiently.

Digital Signage ROO

How can your bank see a high rate of return on marketing objectives using Digital Signage?

Ensure compliance

  • Know that your content is being shared when you need it across multiple locations.

Keep up with competitors

  • 9 of 10 banks say Digital Signage is important to their in-branch marketing.

Respond to current conditions with agile messaging

  • Quickly deploy timely content, such as recent jumps in annual percentage yields or offers related to tax season.


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