The Ultimate Guide to Good Digital Signage Content

The Ultimate Guide to Good Digital Signage Content

When it comes to crafting an effective message on digital signage, there are many factors to consider and many business owners become overwhelmed when considering the possibilities for signage design and digital signage content. How can I use my digital signage software to the biggest effect? We have compiled some guiding principals and tips to help you craft your message.

Have a Universal Voice or Brand Message

This is the basis for what you’re doing as a brand or small business. Your customer is looking for a brand that is going to resonate with them and present a clear value proposition. Therefore, you need to ensure that all of your imagery and branding is consistent.

Real-Time Updates for Digital Signage Content

Another central attraction to digital signage content is the ability to change messages on the fly. In order to discover which marketing approach is most effective for your business, you need to test several different strategies and compare the results. This technique is called a/b testing and is one major advantage that digital content has over traditional marketing outlets.

By trying out different messages and surveying the results, a business is able to run experiments and hone in on the most effective signage for their brand. Additionally, these signs can be instantly updated for holidays, special sales, and any other occasion.

Many Applications Across Industries

There are many different industries that have decided to ditch paper signage and adopt this digital signage software to manage their displays. From air travel and healthcare to fast food and big box retail, this technology has been adapted and used to help businesses perform their best.


Digital Signage for Fast Food and Retail

The application for digital signage is most obvious in this space. Obviously, a business wants to make sure that their menu and displays are up to date. No one likes trying to order an item and discovering that it is no longer available. Using up to date signage helps avoid this frustration. Retail stores can use this tech to show sales, deals, and help customers navigate changing store layouts.

Digital Signage for Fast Food and Retail Digital Signage for Fast Food and Retail

Digital Signage for Healthcare

These digital signs have been popping up in healthcare contexts as well. In urgent care or other waiting areas, these signs can display real time information about waiting times, patients in line, etc. They can be implemented in pharmacies as well to the same effect.

Digital Signage for HealthcareDigital Signage for Healthcare

Digital Signage for Hospitality

Hotels and vacation spots can use these signs to help guests check in, find services, and locate amenities. By empowering these clients to help themselves, customer satisfaction is increased and labor power is conserved, leaving employees able to dedicate their time to value adding activities.

Digital Signage for HospitalityDigital Signage for Hospitality

The Way of the Future

Nearly all sectors of life are moving away from using paper and towards embracing digital technology. The paper book is soon to go the way of the dodo bird, and the paper sign will likely meet the same fate. The benefits of using digital signage are clear, and many businesses are choosing to adopt this technology now. With the low cost and ease of updating information in real-time, it is expected that businesses will continue to make the switch.


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