How much does digital signage cost?

How much does digital signage cost?

As technology continues to march toward a future that is still shrouded in mystery, new forms of utility are finding their way to the spotlight. In the past, businesses looking to advertise or connect with their customers were limited in their dissemination options, but that has changed drastically in the wake of advances in imagery platforms. Most people used to get their news and their ads from printed sources, but now that has shifted to the digital frontier. Marketers are starting to see the value in moving advertising and communication mediums to such a digital environment as well.

What is Digital Signage?

Put simply, digital signage is an expansion of marketing techniques that incorporates digital content into the platform. This is typically accomplished with the addition of a media screen accompanied by an underlying software operating system or a simple video or image loop. Digital signage might be something as simple as a small pricing or information display alongside products, or it could be as complex as a point of purchase display or even interactive directories.

Digital signage is often sought after with much more positivity in the current marketing industry than older print platforms. That is because digital signage not only offers a more eye-catching and engaging content platform, but also because digital signage is much more versatile than printed advertisements. For instance, a standard digital sign is not much different than any other screen, which means a digital sign isn’t limited to a single printing run. Once the initial investment in the mediums themselves has been taken care of, the management of those platforms is much cheaper than continually buying printed advertising mediums whenever you need to put forth a new message.

The Cost of Digital Signage

When you purchase a printed ad or some other outdated imagery for your business, you limit yourself in many ways. In many instances, printed communications must still be developed by the business in question, and the printer simple creates the solid product. The cost of such a service is prohibitively expensive compared to digital signage, especially when you consider digital signage freeware. Such software allows your brand to create and manage your own content for any digital signs you procure, and if you choose to use a free version of such software, like the DigitalSignagePress plugin available right here from the experts at Digital Signage Press, you can reduce your costs even further.

Using Freeware for Free Signage

Free is good, especially for businesses trying to keep their bottom line from dipping into the red. Technological innovations have allowed certain aspects of business software to reach new low cost levels. Digital Signage Press offers a free Lite version of their exquisite digital signage management software, but they also offer tiered levels above the Lite versions. The additional Base, Pro, and Enterprise options include numerous other features that make them ideal for larger businesses as the tiers rise.

This digital signage freeware is ideal for the most basic digital signage needs of your business, and the software functions specifically with WordPress platforms. While the initial cost of purchasing the physical digital screens will be the most expensive aspect of upgrading to a digital signage system, that cost will quickly be offset by the savings your business will see thanks to reducing the signage budget, which will eventually lead to completely free signage. Just about any business can benefit from digital signage of some sort, even if it is something as simple as placing a digital welcome sign at the entrance of the business. People tend to respond much more intuitively to content with eye-catching movement, and digital signage is by far the most effective method of achieving that end.


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