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    Hi, i am evaluating for purchase but would like to ask if a content of an iframe (website) will b auto-refreshed/updated by this plugin ? The src of the iframe is a webpage that is being updated (on the external website) but from the Lite version, it seems like the ifram content is not updated until the iframe parent is reloaded.


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    Hi, the content is not refreshed when a slide is disappearing / appearing. The content is only loading when you start your player/sreen.

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    Thank you for the confirmation. Is there a way to autorefresh the content without restarting the screen? In this case, the iframe content will display updated data. Seems like the plugin will not do this ? Pls confirm. thanks

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    For clarifications: wouldnt this work ?
    I used the 5-day demo to load a webpage with iframe; and it is not updating the iframe content. I tried putting this on the parent html page but still the iframe is not updated. Is it due to the plugin? meta refresh header is also not working to update the iframe content.

    window.setInterval(“reloadIFrame();”, 3000);

    function reloadIFrame() {

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    Adding this is header work ok for now.
    <meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”60″>

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