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      Hi Guys.
      I would appreciate if recommendations/ experiences are shared for the hardware and respective setups (so that everything is on auto start).There is array of hardware that can be used with the plugins, but we all can definitely learn from each other and help each other. Thanks

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      Raspberry Pi 3 is a good option if you want a cheap system, but be aware, MP4 video’s could load slow and maybe show hik-ups…
      Intel NUC is a very good option if you want to keep cost low but be able to play any content smoothly: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/products/boards-kits/nuc.html

      And if you want to go pro/industrial, you should check out Quanmax, a hardware manufacturer specialised in digital signage devices: http://www.quanmax.com/site/solutions/digital-signage/ We use these in our company.

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