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      Stephen Couchman

      When I goto create a new playlist, I get a big spinning wheel, that never lets me create a playlist. What gives???

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      Johan Kuipers

      Same problem here…

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      Johan Kuipers

      Same problem here… Has your problem been solved?

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      The plugin is working up to WordPress 5.5.x. I guess you are working with WordPress 5.6

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      Vinay Katwe

      Same problem here.. my wordpress version 5.5.3
      more details below
      We have purchased the digitalsignagepress enterprise license. We are facing an issue in uploading the image.
      We have created around 50 displays and around 50 playlists and there are about 200 images uploaded till date
      So far, it was going fine. but now we see an issue while uploading the image file
      – Existing playlist / New play list
      – Create new slide
      – Select the first full screen template
      – Select image option and upload an image file (.jpg / .png – <1mb file)
      – The progress bar keep displaying forever
      Note : while the progress bar is displayed forever, if we refresh the page manually, the progress bar disappears and file is uploaded. However, if we wait for progress bar to disappear without manual refresh, it never ends.
      Kindly support in this regard as this is preventing us from using the application further

      appreciate your fast response

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      Chris Martin

      We have purchased the Enterprise edition as well and are having the spinning wheel. We CANNOT USE THE PLUGIN. We are using WordPress 5.7.2. Please ADVISE!!!

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