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    UrbanUp GbR

    Hello there,

    we are having issues deleting slides in our playlists and can’t figure out why. We can delete certain slides but some are just impossible to delete from a playlist.

    Once I’m editing a playlist and the slides appear in the left column, I can delete the slides them from the column but quite often I can’t save afterwards. Hitting save just doesn’t trigger any action at all (usually the side reloads and a respective warning shows up). Then again, some slides can be deleted without any trouble.

    Any idea what may causes this behavior?

    We are running the version 1.4.7 of signagepress-enterprise version.

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    try upgrading to 1.5.4, deactivate plugin (NOT uninstall!!), activate plugin, then try again

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    UrbanUp GbR

    Thanks a lot! We upgraded to 1.5.4 but unfortunately that didn’t solve the issue. We are still unable to delete certain slides in a playlist.

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    UrbanUp GbR

    @Admin do you have any other idea what might cause this? We tried different Browsers as well and still had the same issue.

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    UrbanUp GbR

    Hey again,

    we are still struggling with this and it is getting very annoying cause we have to schedule all slides that we do not want to show up in the past – right now that is the only way for us to have a slide not showing up once we added it.

    Can you guys give us some guidance as to what we can try to be able to delete slides again?

    Thanks in advance

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    When you try to delete a slide, does it show an error in the console of your browser? (usually F12 then console tab)
    If not, anything in your server’s error log?

    Otherwise try to create a new playlist and copy the slides you want to keep over.
    Choose “copy existing slide” when adding a new slide to the playlist.

    kind regards

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    UrbanUp GbR

    Hey there,

    the console shows following error:
    “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property ‘value’ of null
    at ds_trueDeleteTab (eval at <anonymous> (ds_admin.js:1), <anonymous>:1:41414)
    at HTMLInputElement.onclick (admin.php?page=MySignage_home&PID=3:1)”

    Can you make something of that?
    So far we’ve tried:
    – scheduling the slide to the past, the future and keep it running 24h
    – set the length of play to different amounts (anything from zero to 30 seconds)
    – emptying the slide completely
    – adding various different sorts of media (background image, image, video etc.)

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    Take the slide you want to delete and drag it by the header to the end of the list.
    Save your playlist, then delete the last element.

    kind regards

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    UrbanUp GbR

    Thanks, that worked!

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    I’ve been having this issue as well, and after trying exactly as stated it works! THanks for the fix.

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    K Pipher

    Okay, thanks for the work around but can this be fixed?

    You should be able to delete slides where ever they are in the playlist.

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