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      IT Mekoprint


      We bought the Enterprise version and we are using Raspberry Pis with Chromeium to display the content on our infoscreens.
      Unfortunately there is some differences between the preview and what is actually is displayed on the screen.

      We are using an Ubuntu installation with WordPress 4.9.6 and Digitalsignagepress version 1.5.4.

      We are using a mixture of Internet Explorer and Google Chrome for the editing. But this seems not to matter, the issue arises no matter what browser is used.
      We are using the font Raleway for our slides with different font sizes.

      This is the preview image in the Worpress backend
      Preview image

      This is the FullHD image on the display (Scaled down after the screenshot was taken)
      Display image

      This is the window scaled within windows where you can see the issue with the font that is scaled differently

      The font size is set differently on the lines of text within the code of the page.
      50 minutter: font-size: 1.5rem; (Wrong)
      25 minutter: ds_rangy_font-size_5 (Correct)

      <span style="font-family: Raleway, sans-serif; font-size: 1.5rem; background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0);">50 minutter - DKK ,-</span>
      <span class="ds_rangy_font-family ds_rangy_font-family_Raleway ds_rangy_font-size ds_rangy_font-size_5">25 minutter - DKK ,-</span>

      Presumeably the plugin is doing something wrong when setting the font size. Even though it is within the same text box.
      This is really annoying since the editors cannot rely the preview image.

      It is displayed correctly if running 1280×720.

      Any way you could look into this?

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      IT Mekoprint

      Are you doing ANY support for this project at all?
      If the Forum is not the correct way to get support, please let us know. It is really frustrating waiting and not even getting a reply saying you are looking into the matter.

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      I have had the same problem. This plugin is buggy and there is no support. I’m not sure they’re developing it anymore. Wish I had known that before I spent all that money, but even a buggy workable digital signage system like this is cheaper than hundreds of dollars per month.

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      Hi, please update the plugin to 1.6.2 released yesterday and keep us informed if the issue persists.

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      I think they look at this blog every 3-4 months, they do not respond to support emails.
      I bought the Enterprise version, I’ve been trying to renew my subscription for three months.
      I asked for PI without EU tax three months ago, I wrote them4 times, absolutely NIKO does not answer.
      They canceled my license, even though I’m trying to pay.
      There is one general uncertainty here, they have transferred this project to http://www.ondamedia.de/medix-digital-signage/.
      I think Ondamedia is the mother of the company, Digitalsignagepress is just an experiment.
      Now I do not know what I need to do, I bought the Enterprise, I was planning a small business.
      I also lost money and I lost a lot of time exploring the market and testing the DSP.
      DSP support does not want to answer, they took money for Enterprise version and now do not respond.
      Perhaps they want me to buy the entire subscription again?

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