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      Just started using the plugin and there are a couple of things that are unclear: how can one set the resolution of the screen? how does one prevent an image being added to the blank slide template from being cut off on the display? Our digital sign is 800 by 600. I have created a playlist and note (after measuring a screenshot of the blank slide template) that the blank slide seems to be 1280 by 720. I have tried uploading an image that is 1280 by 720, which fills the blank slide template as expected but gets cutoff when displayed on the actual screen. I’ve tried uploading an 800 by 600 image and adding it to the blank slide and it does not fill the blank slide template and looks even worse on the actual screen. I’ve basically tried everything I can think of but it seems like the only option is trial and error until I find the right size image that when uploaded will actually display correctly on the screen.

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