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    I purchased the plugin and tried different templates. I find that many templates that I like have issues in taking the HTML media element or duplicating the element in another area. Is this a known issue and how to resolve this?

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    This is not the purpose of our plugin, which is used with a plugins plugged site for digital signage, of course it can create conflicts, since we can not develop our plugin compatible with all other plugins and themes, since there are thousands of them.

    The simplest solution for your problem is to create a subdomain like, install an empty wordpress with only digitalsignagepress, so you can eliminating all the problems with other plugins.

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    I think I was unable to clarify. The shortcode works with some templates but not with most. e.g. when I try the SAME shortcode in custom template or many others it does not work. The SAME shortcode works in one other template.

    I did create a separate subdomain and installed only one plugin. So it is NOT a plugin issue as it works with Digital Signage. It is issue with some templates. Probably if you try a shortcode in custom template you can see the same problem simulated.

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    To additionally make my point, in custom template please select the HTML code element and try the Facebook quick option provided. If you try it does not work. That is an inbuilt part of the template.

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    I deleted all other plugins including the default ones like Contacts and now it seems to be working!

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    What plugins were it?
    So that we can create a list of incompatible plugins.

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    I switched themes and now all I get is a white screen, what’s the solution?

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    if you mean the ds theme that is ok, you just have to add the signage shortcode to your page.

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    Rune Langaard

    I am having the same issue with white screens only.
    Page has shortcode [digitalsignage] in it..
    But no devices work..


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