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    Ryan McNallie

    It appears that the heartbeat for a a playing playlist is about 10 seconds. Can this heartbeat be adjusted? I would like the heartbeat for playing playlists to be 1 minute.

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    Ryan McNallie

    I believe that within JS > ds_page.js there is an adjustment that can be made to increase/decrease the amount of time in-between the display page’s heartbeat. Within the file you should see “…load|10000|setInterval…” Change 10000 to another time in milliseconds (like “300000” for 5 minutes) to change the heartbeat.

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    Ryan McNallie

    If modifying the plugin code isn’t for you want this workaround works for changing the heartbeat (although it may not the best):

    // Workaround for Playlist Heartbeat
    jQuery(window).load(function () {
    // Clear all heartbeats
    id = window.setInterval(() => {}, 0);
    while (id) {
    // Redefine ds_update_page heartbeat
    // 300000 == 5 minutes

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