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    I went ahead and got a Raspberry Pi 3 and installed the software as mentioned in your blog: (

    All works fine BUT when the PI is restarted it looses the connection settings to the device and you have to reconnect via the software in WordPress.
    Is there a way around this?

    Thank you,

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    Sorry there is no way around this. Its a typical PI thing.

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    Oh that’s too bad. Would be nice if you could communicate this because it renders the PI an unworkable media player option.
    What would be the best media player that does not have this problem?

    Greetings, Ron

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    Hi Ron,

    I found a solution:

    For a clean environment the Chrome home is cleaned every boot.

    In order not to delete Chrome home, modify /home/pi/.xinitrc file and comment out the lines where Chrome home is deleted and copied back.

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