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      I recently bought the enterprise version 1.5.4 running WordPress 4.8.1 and Slider Revolution

      I’m encountering two issues…

      The first being that when the Slider Revolution shortcode is inserted into a slide it no longer plays smoothly. But I can take the same Slider and insert it into a page and call the page from the DigitalSignagePress Slide, it plays smoothly.

      The second issue is that when the DigitalSignagePress Slide loops and plays the Slider Revolution Slider again (either called via shortcode or a page) the DigitalSignagePress Slide does not seem to call the Slider Revolution Slider correctly. It appears that on the second time through DigitalSignagePress calls the Slider Revolution slider with out refreshing (or starting from the beginning of the Slider Revolution Slider) – and I get strange effects. Like the Slider Revolution is in the middle of its animation and does not start from the beginning.

      It appears like Slider Revolution has continued to play in the background of the playlist while DigitalSignagePress advances to the other slides, and when DigitalSignagePress returns to the Slider Revolution slide – its does not start from the beginning of the Slider Revolution Slider. I think this is creating strange issues in my playlists. Is there a way to alway re-start the Slider Revolution Slider when the DigitalSignagePress loads? This would be helpful.

      Thank you.

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      Thanks for your request.

      There is no other way to use slider revolution. Please see the following video:

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