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    How would I place a button or link into one slide to link to one of the other slides?
    So if I have a directory I would have home slide but then have a business listing on another slide how would I like them together to work like a kiosk?


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    Our plugin was not provided for this, we have scheduling.

    For buttons, you can use WordPress without Digitalsignagepress plugin, creating pages, designing them, adding buttons to page 2 etc and outputting them on the screen…

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    If I do the above method will it still show no menu and footer like the digital Signage?

    Also With the new features that you added to the enterprise edition Playlist in playlist possibility would this solve my issue.

    also if I purchase the enterprise addition is it like the code canyon version where I do not have to update my annual license?

    What do you charge to do customization work.

    Thank you

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    Enterprise has nothing to do with Pro version. Enterprise Edition runs with a license key and it has to be renewed annually. However, if you want to update to Enterprise, you only have to pay the difference.

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    But if I upgrade how do I do it do I need to contact you or do you send link to special price for upgrade.

    I would like to upgrade.

    Also do you make custom them. I need special header and footer for your plugin. What are your rates for customization work?


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    You will show us your bill, we will provide you with a coupon code. Use it normally in our checkout.

    What should be changed in the header and footer?

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    You asked what should be changed in the header and footer I think this is what should be changed.

    I would like to make the header and footer look like kiosk.

    Also with the ability to have the header and footer fixed like in this demo ( so content scrolls but header and footer always stays in place.

    Kiosk are becoming popular here in the USA. I think I could maybe sell more plugins for you if it was possible to use as kiosk and digital signage.


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    Dear Uriah,

    We are working on that. With one of the next updates, kiosk function will be available. We think in the next 3-4 weeks.

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