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      K Pipher

      Sometimes, it is not possible to change the font size or font of text. I highlight the text and try to change the styling with the font tools, but nothing happens. I have to change the text tags to “SPAN”, then the font changes. But it still does not work sometimes. The fonts are all different sizes as well in the live view. (Chrome)

      Also, in Firefox, deleting all the text in a text box, causes the styling (size, font), to reset back to default. (Firefox)

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      Christopher Dean

      This is happening to me as well. I just purchased the product and finding lots of bugs and this is a big one. Were you able to find a solution?

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      No solution yet, I have it as well… (using plugin version 1.5.4)

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      IT Mekoprint

      I see the same thing. It seems like the font is not set as percentage and is instead set as an actual size. You can see this if you try and open a playlist on a browser on your computer and resize the window. The text should resize with the rezsizing of the image but they don’t This causes a lot of frustration for our Marketing department since they can’t rely on the system to show up correctly on the screens. Please find a solution to this issue.

      This is a huge bug that makes the system unuseable

Viewing 3 reply threads
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