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      I have noticed that after a while video freezes on the device, I have tried on several screens and playlists. All videos hosted on the same server tend to free after a set amount of time, anyone have a fix for this?

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      Does this happen as well if you use a different/desktop browser?
      If so, you’ll have to contact your server admin to check the settings in the server.

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      UrbanUp GbR

      We had the issue because one of our vids had an audio-track. We deleted that and ever since then it’s been working fine!

      (granted, we do not use audio on our screens).

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      I’ll try to remove audio from the video and see if it fixes the issue. Its strange that videos hosted in the media folder have this problem but videos hosted on youtube do not.

      What server settings would affect audio on a video causing it to freeze?

Viewing 3 reply threads
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