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    I’m having trouble on Versions 1.4.7 and 1.5.0 with playing video on slides. It was working previously, but today I’ve been adding more videos and more picture slides and now my videos sometimes show up as just black, sometimes show up as a big video icon, sometimes show up with no sound, and seem generally unreliable. I have tried rebooting the player and the server. It seems that it works fine when I play it on my laptop as a monitor, but I can’t get it to work on my player. What can I do?

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    As a workaround, it seems to work fine when I merge all my videos into one large video file and play it on just one slide.

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    the same happens to me, but the solution dont have to be like that. Digitalsignagepress have to give a solution

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    Same problem here. Running slides with video show up as a black screen on android devices with the DSP app.
    The video starts, and runs for the set time, but just a black screen.

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    I have the same problem.

    Videos will not play from the server where the software is installed. I have tried .m4v .mp4 .ogg and .webm the only way i can get video to play is to use vimeo or youtube.

    This product has so many bugs its not funny. It appears to be totally unsupported and not maintained.

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    hello? any response?

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    Hey there,

    we are having a similar bug on some but not all devices (chromebits). For us only the start-image of the video can be seen and then remains still for the length of the video. Fairly useless for DS.

    @digitalsignagepress, please let your (paying) customers know if you plan on fixing those kind of issues or if we all should start looking for a different DS solution. For the last couple of bugs we found time exhausting work arounds but this is getting out of hand.

    No hard feelings but the least you owe your customers is communication.


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    After digging a little bit deeper we found a solution (at least for unmanaged devices).

    Turns out that in our case Chrome is causing this issue. The new version (66) of chrome implements a “block-autoplay-video” feature. Turns out it is not that easy to turn off there is a way (at least for unmanaged devices):

    In your chrome browser on the respective device go to chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy and here you can set the option to “No user gesture is required”. That will deactive the “block-autoplay” feature.

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    What app are you using on chromebits to get around this issue?

    I’ve been trying to append ?background=1 to vimeo URLs and unfortunately wordpress sanitises your input and strips everything after the ? in your URL which makes it useless. The only workaround I’ve found is to create custom HTML iframe or use a URL shortener.

    at this point i’ve given up on self hosted videos.

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    urbanup, thank you for your post about the autoplay setting in Chrome; that fixed the issue I was having.

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