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      Mike Dalton

      I put a video on one slide, and a still image on the next slide. The video seems to be a little over 15 seconds long, and if I set my slide length to 16 seconds, the video begins playing again for about a half second – then starts playing the next slide with the still image. When that still image slide is done, it goes to the video again, and now starts playing it late – a half second late. It remembers the position it ended, and starts again at that position. I can’t imagine why anyone would program the software to act this way. Currently the video playback feature would be worthless to anyone who tried to alternate between video and stills on their signage. Is there a way to fix this major problem? As it stands now, the software seems very, very broken.

      Also, if I try to use a YouTube video, there is a brief flash of a still preview still before the YouTube video actually begins playing. This is also pretty bad, and makes the YouTube video feature broken-beyond-use. Any way to fix THAT major problem?

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      Which plugin version are you using ? The current version is 1.5.2.

      After you upgraded the plugin please delete the slides and create them again.

      Also which Browser do you use ? Have you tried Chrome, firefox or similar ?
      The normal video should be reset to time 0 when a slide should start. This is a HTML 5 feature, so maybe
      your browser on your screen is not supporting this.

      On the lastest plugin we don´t see this Youtube effect.

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      Mike Dalton

      Looks like we’re on 1.4.7. I’ll update and report back. Thank you for the quick response!

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      I’m having this same problem on versions 1.4.7 and 1.5.0. My player definitely supports HTML5. It’s a brand new $1000 player that specifically advertised HTML5 support.

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        As a workaround for now, I just merged all my videos and photos into one long video and put it up on one slide and it loops over and over fine now. DaVinci Resolve is good free software to do that. That’s what I used.

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