Digital Signage Software

Digital Signage Software

New modern technology of Digital Signage combines all the advantages of dynamic information systems, which are all quickly spread throughout the world. This system is designed to display various information (including advertising) in places where a large number of people are – in hotels, airports and train stations, stadiums, shopping areas.

The main advantage of Digital Signage systems, which distinguishes them from traditional types of static outdoor advertising – is the possibility of rapid replacement and correction of messages. Another advantage is the convenience and ease of system management – one operator can coordinate the work of the entire network of displays, monitor the work of each of them, creating a broadcast schedule for the individual displays, and for their group called collages.

Digital Signage Solutions

Posts in this system can be created in a variety of forms – they may contain images, texts, videos, animations, all interactive elements, as well as sound.

For data storage, a Digital Signage system broadcast, uses software or hardware media players. The hardware media players do not require installation of an operating system and are cheaper but have less functionality compared to the software, which can play music and video and convert data to optimize the picture quality.


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