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      Jose Morales

      Dear system again I present problems and INVALID LICENSE appears, I bought the software 3 months ago and it has already presented 2 hours failures, I have sent 5 emails to support and 4 chains in forums and NO RESPONSE, I need to know how many more emails I should send or when problems more I must have so that “support” can solve and answer my questions, I already buy other software that does not have these faults, but in some screens I still work with digitalsignagepress so I need support for those screens that I still have with their software.

      Stay tuned.

      Dear today, my server appeared as a deactivated license, by pressing button, I did not do anything, I tried to enter the web page to check my account, which I could not enter, I assume that this failure was presented on their servers, I work in a chain of clothes which I need continued operational I have the following questions:
      1- Is there any way for the program to work without the need for a license or for it to be validated with its servers, maybe it can be validated with a server that does not have any drops?

      2- Is there a way to sell me a perpetual program or to be removed from having to activate online in order to not present these problems?

      I make these consultations before making a decision, personally I think the program is good and it is easy to use, but today management asked me to see another program that does not have the flaw we had today in the business and that is why I turn to you for I can keep your software.

      I remain attentive to your answers.
      greet atte.
      Jose Morales.

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      Same problems here unfortunately, what other software did you buy?

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      Simon Czarnecki

      I also have issue with invalid licence. I have enterprise level licence and the system halts for no reason. I happened 3 times in the last week already. This is very serious issue for me as the digital screens are playing in public locations throughout the US.

      Please respond and address this LICENCE INVALID problem. Is this a bug on your licence server?

Viewing 2 reply threads
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