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      Hi support,

      Saw this feature in your pricing plan:

      Just wanted to clarify as im using the enterprise demo

      1) Playlist in playlist possibility

      is this feature the add->tools selection-> playlist -> select playlist

      2) i realized the enterprise package allows scheduling of video down to MINUTES as compared
      to the pro that is down to 1 hour. Is it right to say that?

      3) i realize the ui currently is quite bare as compared to the traditional digital signage programs that comes with more skins.
      How will i be able to achieve the same kind of aesthetics?
      Will there be some skins/themes that come with the layout?

      I tried importing a picture in the form of a frame and put the video/ food menu within. The image doesnt seem to sit in properly.

      Sorry dont mind me asking so many questions as im considering of purchasing the enterprise package however if it cant fit my client’s expectation of
      being aesthetically nice, even though the ux experience is really good i might have to still consider other options.

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      1) Exactly, that is the function.

      2) No, it is limited to 5 minutes.

      3) The themes will come, but we can not tell you exactly when. The plugin is already for experienced users who can create your own slides, even though many features are now automated, show attachement.

      This is your right to compare the products, but we will be happy if you decide for our product.

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