Digital Signage Advertising for Christmas

Digital Signage Advertising for Christmas

Christmas is a time for a great many things; ornaments, trees, family and, of course, shopping. It is this last item that, of course, filed up a significant amount of business activity each and every year. Most of this activity by businesses is centered on trying to attract the attention of customers and their money. So many businesses are trying to attract the attention of customers that it becomes difficult to stand out in any meaningful way.

One way that companies can stand out is by using digital signage. Digital signage is simply a sign that is more than just a paper advertisement but a living breathing digital display that can be programmed with digital advertisements, contain interactive digital displays, or run videos and other interesting ads. Digital signage is still in its infancy but is being displayed in a variety of buildings, malls, and outdoors. These outdoor digital signage are particularly striking in many ways as they drawn in the attention of outside customers who may not even be currently shopping and allow companies the ability to influence a great number of potential consumers, building brand recognition in the process.

Digital signs provide a huge upgrade for companies that use them. For one, they are more striking to customers and better at capturing their eyeballs. In addition, it is easy to change the display on an digital sign as opposed to a paper ad and these digital ads can commonly be rotated frequently in order to keep them fresh in their customers’ eyes. Digital signage can also ad videos and other unique elements that are not able to be captured in traditional print ads, thereby increasing their productivity in attracting attention. Many viewers have significantly greater recall ability in the ads that customers remember.

There are a wide range of outdoor digital signage options available for companies that want to advertise outdoors. Some simply display prominently an digitally rendered advertisement in striking contract. The best quality outdoor digital signage will use LCD enclosures to prominently display information on the company’s products. These LCD enclosures provide bright and stirring pictures that can be rotated to a variety of different products that the company is looking to sell for Christmas which can provide a myriad of options for advertising companies. These ads will let customers learn what products are available for sale, where to buy them, and what the cost will be, all on a beautifully rendered digital signage ad.

Some companies even decide to use digital advertisements and signage for customers who are already in their store or mall. These interior digital signage displays can provide customers with information regarding where in the mall or store the customer can find the products that they are looking for, as well as what the product looks like on various models. Interactive digital signage provides even more interesting options for customers. These interactive displays contain maps and information on the store, provide the ability to see availability in a store of a product, and allow customers the ability to interact with the business. Some interactive digital displays allow customers the ability to build outfits, rotate views of products, and provide feedback and commentary to the business itself or to order the products through the sign for delivery to your home, even with unique customization.

While traditional outdoor and indoor digital signage still provides its primary function as a vehicle for advertisements, new capabilities in these digital signs are expanding the options for companies. Brands that adopt digital signage and are creative enough to harness this new technology can grow and expand their brands and product lines thereby capturing new revenue sources.


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