Using Digital Signage Over the Christmas Period

Using Digital Signage Over the Christmas Period

Many businesses have their sales concentrated during the 4th quarter Christmas and Holiday season and how well they perform during this time period dictates how well their year in total turns out. Businesses that are able to obtain some sort of edge during this period of time are better situated for success. One way to achieve this edge is through using digital signage to stand out in the market and capture customers’ attention. This article will discuss not only what digital signage is but also why it is so effective in capturing customer attention, particularly during the lucrative Christmas season.

Digital signage relates to signs that are installed in a place of business for the purpose of conveying information. These digital signs are used by municipalities, stores, and other parties for the purpose of providing information to parties. This information may include maps and directions, advertisements, or provide simple instructions. Digital signage can be simply displays, interactive and with the ability to use a touch screen to extract information from the sign, or even videos. New and innovative digital signage technology is being implemented into these digital signs that are able to provide some pretty interesting and powerful messages. During the Christmas and holiday season when businesses are fighting for an edge these digital in-store displays can be a game changer. Here are some reasons why.

When customers visit stores in malls or in standalone locations the business often faces a real challenge in attracting their attention. In-store displays often are overlooked by consumers unless there is something unique about them. Digital instore displays, especially those using interactive digital signage technology that allows users to interact with the sign, truly stand out and help to attract the attention of consumers. Digital signs can provide users with information on sales, new product releases, or can convey information to users in a store about the availability of products, which is particularly pressing during t eh Christmas season where many popular products may have limited availability.

In malls, during the holiday season, digital signs can help users to find the stores that they are trying to locate and can provide information about key locations like restrooms, ATM machines, and food courts, all of which can expand the amount of my and time that they spend at the mall. Many malls will even rotate digital ads on these interactive displays which can generate additional revenue for the mall operator.

New technologies are looking to expand the capabilities of these digital display ads. While many of these technologies are in their infancy they promise new user experiences for consumers. Examples are beacon technologies that can be synced into cell phones and shopping carts. Imagine a world where you log into an account when you enter a supermarket. When you pass by a section that you may have purchased items in the past digital ads can come up on your shopping cart digital display which provide information on sales that manufacturers may be offering which can help to promote you to spend money more effectively. While this is not fully implemented and a burgeoning technology, beacon technology is seeking to drive and influence consumer behavior in interesting directions.

Companies that have digital signage can often better direct the shopping behaviors of customers and attract customers to their store and to their higher margin products more effectively than they otherwise would be without the digital signs. Many customers are often impressed by these new digital signs and spend time in store exploring their product offerings more fully than they otherwise may have. During the critical holiday season consider the impact that this could have for your business and consider bringing digital signs into your business.


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