Digital Signage with WordPress

Digital Signage with WordPress

It doesn’t matter if you’re running the hottest night club in the city, or a small neighborhood repair shop, you have to reach out to your potential customers in the quickest, most cost-effective means you can find. In an increasingly digital world, digital advertising is the best way to do this. It allows you to provide a visual message to smartphone users, Internet surfers, and anyone else accessible over today’s expanding networks.

However, there are other alternatives that affect virtually everyone. Digital signage is an increasing affordable and appealing option that takes advantage of flat-panel big screen TVs and monitors to spread your message to the public at physical locations where they congregate, such as restaurants, pubs, and waiting rooms.

WordPress Solution for Digital Signage

If you maintain a website or have done your share of Web surfing, you’re probably hears of WordPress. This is currently the most popular website content management system in use today. As an open source platform supported by a community of developers, its many features are enhanced by a constant stream of new plug-in applets. It may interest you to know that producing digital signage with a WordPress solution is now an option.

How does digital signage work?

Over the years, WordPress has evolved from a blogging platform to a comprehensive and customizable content management system. One of the advantages is that you can use a wide number of themes and options with little or no programming knowledge.

Managing digital sign content works as sort of the reverse of responsive programming. These are web applications that can detect the type of device that’s accessing them and format the page content appropriately for the device and the size of its screen, specifically smartphones and tablets. Using digital marketing through WordPress means you can automatically format your content for larger screens. That makes managing digital marketing campaigns much easier.

The flat panel TV or monitor simply connects to the Internet exactly as your smart TV or computer does. These displays can be either bought or leased. But you control what’s displayed from WordPress, which means you can customize or alter your digital sign content as you see fit.

Using WordPress for your Digital Sign Content

The benefit of using WordPress for this is that it’s a free, stable platform that’s been around for some time now and powers over 60 million websites around the world. There’s a sizable community of help available for WordPress users on blogs, forums, video sites, and on the site itself. You can do so much on a WordPress solution, and so easily, that you can make your site look any way you please – and display its message on digital advertising where people can’t miss it.

With the Digital signage wordpress plugin (Digitalsignagepress) designed for this purpose, you can manage pre-formatted content for various marketing purposes, such as news, sales events, and new products. Optionally, you could use location-based advertising to draw local traffic to physical stores and shops. Through WordPress, you can also provide security features against having your content change, or important and display content from other sites such as video or product reviews.

Digitalsignagepress lets you customize your own digital layout or establish zones for different media, such as central text alongside slideshows. You can create a sequence of layouts as part of a marketing campaign, and even switch between display locations.

If you have a site that uses WordPress (or want to install it to an existing site), you can use it to customize and control digital signage at many locations, on big screens that consumers will take notice of.


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