Digital Signage – Who Needs It?

Digital Signage – Who Needs It?

Digital Signage for Education

With the advent of more and more electronic devices in our children’s hands and in their classrooms, the need for digital signage for education is increasing. There are significant reasons to increase the use of digital signage inside the classroom, from elementary school through college. In elementary schools, children have always been more enticed and entranced by bright colors and sounds. Digital screens can be utilized in the classroom to draw attention to important facts and knowledge points. In college, digital signage can easily be used to advise students of important information they may need to know. Class schedules, syllabus points, virtually any other important information the instructor/professor would want to pass along to the classroom at large.

Regardless of the age of the students in question, digital boards can be used in conjunction with traditional teaching methods to reinforce educational points. It can also be used to pass along information to parents during open house and parent teacher meetings. There are several types of digital signage that educational institutions would be able to take advantage of. Some of the signage available today is much more affordable than it used to be, which would make it available for more schools. The further appeal of digital sign is that all of the classrooms could be synced together to pass along information from the administrative office or other official location directly to the students. Bright digital signage is an attention getter and could potentially pass along information more quickly than a voice announcement.

Digital Signage for Small Business

Virtually all consumers these days have access to, and use on a regular basis, handheld electronic devices to do their online and in person shopping. With the significant increase in the use of electronics by those consumers, it could be advantageous for small businesses to utilize digital signage. Digital signage for small business can be used to convey hours, availability, contact information and other important business operation details to consumers quickly and efficiently. Many businesses are only utilizing outside digital signage to showcase the contact and availability information. Though this is the case, those businesses are often unaware of the advantages of digital signage inside their business.

A particular advantage of digital signage for small business is to utilize it inside the business to offer specials, advise customers of newly released products and offer additional contact information. This can range from the business’ Twitter handle to the internet address of their FaceBook page. There are really no disadvantages for small businesses who choose to utilize digital sign in their everyday contact with their customers. Digital signage can be used both on the inside of the business and on the outside. While the outside signage would normally be used just to convey open hours and contact information. Inside signage can be changed on a daily basis (or a few times during the day) depending on the current business specials and product the owner would like to draw attention to. Older business may kick and fight the digital trend, but they will need to follow technology in order to maintain good sales.


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