Digital Signage for the Modern Church

Digital Signage for the Modern Church

For the modern church, it is important to use every tool possible to bring people to the Lord. As our world grows more and more digital, there are more methods than ever to do so. Digital signage displays are one of the most useful tools available to promote and inform people about your church.

Digital signs are LED screens that can display any number messages, pictures and videos. The sign can display the time service starts, then give information about an upcoming outreach event. It is like having multiple billboards, TVs and bulletin boards all in one spot!

Digital signage displays in the Church

Digital signage displays are now being used in churches around the world and have an almost unlimited number of benefits for the modern church. Here are just a few of the advantages they can provide:

Catch the Eye of Passersby
In our modern world, people pay attention to colorful, interesting digital messages. Your church can use a digital signage display on the church sign to catch the attention of those who need to find God. People who are unsaved drive by churches every day, but if they notice yours, they are more likely to come in.

Bring More Young People to God
Young people, in particular, are partial to information presented in digital form. If your church is a hip, modern place to be, they will feel more at home. They can also become more involved in church by participating in the digital signage content. You can display the art, names and testimonials of young people and help them play a bigger role in the church.

Living Prayer Lists
Help everyone to know who to keep in their prayers by displaying the names on the digital signage. The signs can show a large number of names in any size you need. Instead of trying to fit the entire prayer list onto a small page, you can show the names of everyone in a large enough font that everyone notices.

Church Events and Outreach
Get more people involved in church and community programs by including them in your digital signage content. Use fun, colorful images to get more people involved who normally would not participate. Provide all the information people will need for where to be, who to contact and what they can do to get involved in church outside of just Sunday service.

A Modern Image for Your Church
If you want to show that your church is a modern place for people to find God, digital signage displays will help to show it. Aside from the content on the displays, just the presence of the display shows that you are the modern environment they are looking for.

Bring New People to God
Of course, this is by far the most important thing any person or tool could do. A digital signage display can be used to show the Word of God to those who need it. Show multiple Bible verses on one display, because you never know which one will touch which person. Show testimonials of those that your church has helped and that God has saved.


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