Digitalsignagepress with Amazon Fire TV

Digitalsignagepress with Amazon Fire TV

Using Digitalsignagepress For Your Streaming Media Devices

Any business owner knows that in-store and on-sight signage is important. Just imagine the last time you walked into a store. Likely you realized early on that the retailer was trying to create a full experience for you. The displays, the sounds, the lights, the signs—they all play together to create that experience. The brand wants you to know that you’re in a place that makes you feel good! The theory is that if you’ll feel good, you’ll want to first, support the brand and secondly, come back!

One great way to get your brand out there is using streaming media devices like the Amazon Fire TV Stick, the Roku Streaming Stick or Google’s Chromecast. What they do is stream your content directly to the visitor—seamlessly and completely. To make it work though, you need a simple, straightforward and effective tool to integrate and get your content to your big screen display. One tool to use is the our WordPress plugin, Digitalsignagepress.

The Digital Signage Press plugin is one of the most useful tools because it integrates with any browser-capable output device. The basic steps to get your signage up and running with this plug-in are:

  1. Go to your WordPress installation page and locate the plugin
  2. Activate the plugin and create your digital signage pages
  3. Customize your content to your needs, i.e. news, logos, videos, software, images, etc.
  4. Use WordPress to manage all of your content within your browser-capable output devices
  5. Push your content to all of the screens you use to promote your brand

How you can transfer your digital signage content to the Amazon Fire TV Stick can be found here: Digital Signage with Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick

What you’ll like about this plugin is that it makes the most of your digital message. Consider all of the content you would like to get out to your visitors and viewers. You likely have messages about your product, your social commitment, your pricing, specials, etc. Here is where you can customize the message in one place. What makes this tools so useful is how powerful it is. When you install it, you will be amazed at how much control you have over everything you want to say about your brand. Your entire message is organized and at your fingertips for updating in the future.

Once your plugin is installed and you have your content set, you’ll also notice how easy it is to communicate it to your devices. Whether you have one large Amazon fire TV stick for one mid-sized screen device or a wall of displays that all coordinate for conveying your message, this one plugin is all you need. You can easily push the content to one, two, half, all, or any other configuration of your display devices.

Using your DigitalSignagePress plugin ready, will give you the power and control that every business owner needs to properly promote their brand. It seamlessly works with WordPress and gives you the flexibility you require. The tool is compatible with all HTML5-based browser systems that work with TVs, in-store displays, Chromecast sticks, indoor and outdoor screens, ad systems, consoles, single terminals set-topboxes, HDMI sticks, Raspberry PI, video walls, e-kiosks and digital whiteboards.

On top of functionality, your images will be projected with clarity and as much precision as your devices allow. This high-end promotional plugin tool is one that you’ll love because you can set it easily from your WordPress dashboard and amend it as needed when you move through your marketing funnel. Plus, you have full support from the tech division to get your project up and running with the promotional strength it deserves. With a full-web editor, more than 100 templates to choose from, SMIL (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language) and embedded media function, you can be confident that your message is reaching your market!


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