Digital Signage for Schools

Digital Signage for Schools

Digital Signage for Schools: Education, Announcements and Learning Tools

As the administrator of the school, you have a lot on your plate including all the information you have to impart to students, teachers and parents. In the age of technology, you need tools that will help you reach others regarding announcements, information and education. Digital signage solutions are the way you can interact and impart information with parents, staff, teachers and students.

Promote Events
With digital signage displays, you’re able to craft messages that are flashy and interactive. Instead of a flyer or banner about the next science fair, you can create messages and information around science itself. There can be reminders about how much time is left, who won last year’s fair and short messages about the entrants for last year. The information imparted with digital signage can vary depending on the time you put into it. It can be changing constantly based on the activity. For example, in the morning it could display a morning announcement to students, but in the afternoon, it can be a reminder about after-school activities that day.

Fun Projects
Digital signage doesn’t have to be the domain of staff in administration. Involving students in fun, interactive projects is a great way to create an environment of learning and sharing. Students can create their own projects they’d like to share with the rest of the student body. Gamification in learning is a great way to get kids to retain information. Contests and games can be part of the signage system.

Safety Announcements
It can take time to print up flyers and distribute them among the students. If you look around your school, approximately 90 percent of your students are using some kind of technology whether it’s a phone or a tablet. When you communicate with them in a way that they understand, you’ll have a better chance of reaching them. This is vital when it comes to imparting safety announcements. Digital signs will help you give students instant alerts when there are safety concerns or issues.

Address Education Challenges
There are many challenges in education that digital signage can address like student’s individual learning styles. Some students are visual learners, and visualizing data on large screens can be helpful to their learning process. Students can work in groups to craft and schedule announcements from lunch menus to activity alerts for the digital signage. They’ll be learning teamwork and software. Digital signage campaigns are great teaching tools too.

Recognize Achievements
With digital signage solutions for your school, staff and teachers can gather together to recognize students for their achievements. Students crave recognition for their accomplishments, and showing the entire school will make it special. There can be achievements for grades, high test scores, athletics, spelling bee, science fair and social events like volunteering. With digital signage displays, the achievements can change every day or every week. They can be flashy and eye-catching to really create a special moment for the students who are recognized. This can cause other students to want to achieve the same things to see their name on the screens, which makes it great motivation.

With digital signage, students and teachers can have an interaction that is immediate and impactful. Instead of handing out papers regarding events, which will save on paper, staff and students can craft messages to each other that will help motivate and increase learning.


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