How to Make Digital Signage

How to Make Digital Signage

Digital signage services help organizations make more money. That vibrant and striking digital artwork that brightens up huge plasma displays is producing a cool 60% increase in over-the-counter product sales, based on a report conducted by buyer research business Nielsen. Surprisingly, digital signage solutions don’t have to be a major financial decision. The fact is that pretty much any small company can create do-it-yourself, at least reasonably professional-looking digital signage for next to nothing.

Create Digital Signage content – It Isn’t That Difficult!

Many companies that utilize digital signage service take the traditional path. They spend many thousands of bucks on top-of-the-line LCDs or plasma monitors, as well as on computers and programs to operate the digital signage model. Factor in system setup expenses, and it becomes obvious why smaller companies might be nervous about what other businesses are paying when they assume they’ll have to pay the same amount.

Fortunately, there is an alternative. Provided that you can gather a few pieces of hardware and get down to work, your company might experience a major increase in sales after a little technical setting up.

The Necessary Signage Hardware

All that is needed for a basic digital signage solution is a plasma or LCD screen, a couple of computers, and either a wired or wireless network. If you already happen to have these items on-hand, then you can create digital signage program essentially for nothing.

If you haven’t got this hardware available, eBay is a possible avenue, as there are commonly used plasma displays on there for as low as $100 to $150. Old computers can be found for just a handful of dollars, possibly even free if you look in the right places. Along with some cheap wall fasteners to hang the display screen, these are basically your only hardware expenses.

You will also need to obtain a digital signage program, which you can find from a legitimate system supplier on the web at no cost. The application is fundamentally split up into two elements: A player and a manager element.

Simple to String Together

One computer (your player computer) must be linked up to your plasma or LCD display screen. It should be a sole-purpose device that is in charge of projecting digital signage material on the display screen.

The second computer (your manager computer) could be any kind of PC, even whatever one you’re using at this moment to read this post. You’ll be importing the manager software element onto this PC, which is needed to prepare your digital signage and send it to the player computer via your wired or mobile network.

Create Digital Signage

Producing great digital signage isn’t as hard as it might seem. You simply have to sit back and ponder the right kinds of promotional communications to send to your clients. Consider questions like: What emotions do you want your material to inspire in them? How will this translate to sales?

Preserve the simplicity of your designs, but make them intelligent. You can create an image on just about any app and then record it as a .gif or .jpeg file for your electronic signage program.

There’s no limitation to how many digital files you can have either. Digital signage programs allow you to test out various kinds of messages, videos, and graphics. You might even choose to employ it as a third-party marketing system that produces an extra source of revenue.


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