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    What app are you using on chromebits to get around this issue?

    I’ve been trying to append ?background=1 to vimeo URLs and unfortunately wordpress sanitises your input and strips everything after the ? in your URL which makes it useless. The only workaround I’ve found is to create custom HTML iframe or use a URL shortener.

    at this point i’ve given up on self hosted videos.

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    hello? any response?

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    I have the same problem.

    Videos will not play from the server where the software is installed. I have tried .m4v .mp4 .ogg and .webm the only way i can get video to play is to use vimeo or youtube.

    This product has so many bugs its not funny. It appears to be totally unsupported and not maintained.

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    How do you change the url once entered? – in the event of a mistake when entering url

    It might be helpful if the datepicker field was not required so the slides could play forever only at the time specified. The issue right now is if you set a date range for say 100 years, it plays from the start time on the start date to the finish time on the finish date.

    any solution for setting the shedule? is there any documentation on scheduling?

    ok so i have worked out that i need to have a lunch time slide starting at 00:00 – 06:00 then have the breakfast slide start at 06:00 – and go until 10:00, then another lunch slide start at 10:00 and go until 00:00 each slide has to be set for 1 second duration otherwise the schedule won’t work.

    this has to be repeated each day manually because if you set the publish start and finish date to last longer than 1 day all of the slides start interchanging and the playlist does not respect the schedule.

    To make matters worse, my client wants to rotate images on 1 of the menu board screens in the lunch menu, and from what i understand, a slideshow doesn’t work with a schedule, so i have no idea how im going to do this.

    All up, I have 5 menu screens each restaurant with separate playlists and 300 restaurants.

    Schedule does not work.

    I have a QSR restaurant wanting to setup breakfast and lunch menus to change at 10am and need to add slides every single day for the foreseeable future for it to work.

    to top it off it seems this project has been abandoned.

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    I’ll try to remove audio from the video and see if it fixes the issue. Its strange that videos hosted in the media folder have this problem but videos hosted on youtube do not.

    What server settings would affect audio on a video causing it to freeze?

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    the URL gets truncated at the ? i had to use a url shortener to work around it.

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