HTML5 Digital Signage Solution

HTML5 Digital Signage Solution

For about two decades, Adobe Flash was the only means of creating motion graphics for digital signage. However, this has changed in the past few years due to the introduction of HTML5. One advantage of using HTML5 digital signage is that it offers creators a universal platform. It can run ads on multiple platforms such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, and digital billboards.

Why You Should Use Digital Signage

HTML5 digital signage firstly gives you the opportunity to reach a larger audience than is possible with traditional forms of signage. Additionally, using the Digitalsignagepress HTML5 plugin, you can also change your sign more often. Using a static billboard, for instance, it requires at least a day to put up a new advertisement. That one day when the company is not advertising to its customers will have an effect on its bottom line. While it may not seem much in one financial year, the cumulative effect is quite damaging.
Another benefit of using our digital signage solution is that you can switch the message to meet the needs of the customers. Throughout the day, people’s needs change. For instance, if you own a store, people will want coffee in the morning and a cool drink in the afternoon. You can program the sign to change according to the time, thus growing your profits.
Another benefit is the ability to be creative. You can only send out a single message at a time on a static billboard. However, people are able to relate better when they see a person doing something they would like. For instance, on a hot day, a sign is more effective if you see the person taking a chilled drink and their expression changing.
One major benefit of a digital sign is that they are very resistant to weather effects. A static billboard is easily affected by the weather. For instance, a strong gale of wind can rip a billboard sign into pieces. However, digital signage solution is rarely affected by these changes. Everyone can view your products from their tablet or laptop at home. Besides, you can place small digital signs indoor where people can view your ads.

Businesses that Require Digital Signage

One of the most crucial decisions a hotel can make is to use digital signage. The technology has helped restaurant owners who sell different products all day. Other businesses that need this digital signage are banks. Banks regularly have new services that customers should know about. While the customers are seated in banking halls, it represents an opportunity to have a conversation with them via a digital sign.

In general, any business that is running on a tight budget should consider using digital signage. The cost of advertising on static billboards is quite high, yet only a small amount of information can be relayed in each instance. Small businesses such as gas stations that are serious about growing their revenues through ads should use a digital sign.

The Unique Benefits of the Digitalsignagepress HTML5 plugin

One benefit of using this plugin is that it comes with over a hundred templates. The templates are beautifully designed and can be edited to a great degree. It enables you to come up with many unique ads in just a short time. The full web editor is what makes the high degree of customization possible.


Use Digitalsignagepress if you want an HTML5-based plugin that offers you a high degree of customization and more than a hundred creative templates. It has already worked for many as evidenced by the many testimonials of our satisfied clients. There is no reason why digital signage should not change your fortunes too.


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